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whyhellohun said: UGH BJD. I know exactly how you feel! I’ve been wanting one for years now but I don’t even know where to get them, let alone have money. I had my eyebrow piercing fall out a few weeks after I got it done and during the night it completely healed.

I’ll be ordering mine through a secondary seller, because I have no idea how to navigate the original websites. I know a few places, but only because friends (who already own bjds) have shown me.

And yeah, been wanting one for years, too! I finally decided that if I can spend all my money on little things, I can forego those and save up for a big thing. Which is the bjd this time. It’s been hard. I have really bad spending habits. ;u;

Oh nooooo! When I got my first lip piercing, I had to take it out during work all the time and it always healed most of the way up so I had to punch it back through. Omg talk about painful. Q_Q I just didn’t want to have to spend the money to get it redone. (I had to take it out eventually anyway…But for different reasons)